Gorgeous Millie and her amazing dirty used panties, you really do need to taste them!!


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Ms Millie’s used panties are simply the most gorgeous used panties available from any girl on the internet. She guarantees to wear them all day long at school whilst teaching, wear them all evening and do do whatever you ask her to do whilst in bed. When she takes them off the following morning, she will vacuum seal them before beautifully wrapping them and sending them to you, just as they was when they left her amazing young sexy body. Being a full time teacher at a senior boys school she has lots of young men that she has to deal with and she is very willing to deal with you as well. So let Ms Millie give you a lesson in exactly how she wants you to enjoy her dirty worn knickers, it’ll be a lesson you wont forget!




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Gorgeous Susanna Reid does love to show her knickers now and again. Below are just a few of the times she’s let boys get a good look up her skirt.

She’s sooooo naughty!




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Ms Millie has added some lovely well worn shorts and fullbacks to her collection for sale. If you want a professional full time teachers used panties then click on the picture above.

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The beautiful Ms Millie has just added some new panties to her pages. If you would like to buy the worn panties from a full time teacher then just click here. Let Ms Millie teach you just how to enjoy her hot sweaty panties.4-P10305955-P1030600


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It’s so easy to film up a ladies skirt nowadays, it’s seems everyone is doing it. I think I’ll start wearing trousers more often before I get done. Of course, you could just buy my used panties off of me, that way you get to see my panties and sniff them too and I get paid… everyone’s happy!

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