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If you’d like a pair of my used white fullbacks cotton panties or perhaps a dirty white cotton thong, then visit my website, where you can look through my panty drawer and choose any of my panties for me to wear for as long as you want me to, before posting them off to you.

Now, can you think of a better Christmas present for yourself, than a pair of innocent dirty white cotton panties?

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Another post in a new series containing some pretty sensual pictures of lovely ladies with their panties down, or being taken down.

We all like panties, you so probably more than me, but don’t you think there is something so sexy about a picture of a pretty girl with her panties being taken down or around her knees or ankles?

Well here’s my third post in this series of a sweet young lady with her cotton fullback panties pulled down over her gorgeous bottom. I hope you’ll enjoy this one and comeback frequently to see the rest.

Talking of coming back to see the rest, why not subscribe to my blog? can you see ‘subscribe’ on the right hand column just enter your email and every time I make a post on my blog, you’ll be notified and that way you’ll never miss and post from me and you’ll not miss any of these lovely ‘panties down’ photos.

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secretaryIf you’d like to get you hands on a real secretary’s dirty underwear, after she’s worn it all day to the office, then you’ve found your girl.

Visit my website to find out more about me and all the gorgeous underwear I can wear for you.

I work in a very busy office, which is rather mundane, so that’s why I enjoy my secret little panty fetish job, which adds a little excitement to my life. Whilst at work and to keep to the office dress code, I have to wear either trouser suites, or skirt and jacket, with a blouse or smart top underneath. Add a pair of tights to that and by the end of the day my dirty worn panties and nylons will be just what you guys are looking for, trust me!

You will not be disappointed in anything you order from me, whether it’s my used panties, worn bras, sticky nylons or my dirty socks, you will love them, I am quite sure of that!

No body lotion or perfumes, just pure me.

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If anyone wants my dirty sweaty worn nylons, ripped or un ripped, then visit my website

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Yes this is a picture of a genuine Air Stewardess and yes she sells her dirty used panties and nylons on my website.

Her name is Lola and she’s a 26 year old brunette with the vital statistics of 32 – 24 -32 and she wears the cutest little size 8 panties under that hot uniform of hers. Lola’s favourite phrase since she’s been selling her worn underwear on my website is.. and I quote "”My panties are miles above the rest” and she is not wrong. Apart from being a real stunner and many men’s ultimate  fantasy, she really does have the sweetest used panties you could ever hope to lay your hands on, or your tongue.

How do I know? Well firstly I have had literally hundreds of emails and feedback comments from ‘happy customers’. How do I know they are happy? Because each and everyone of them loved Lola’s dirty panties so much that they could be bothered to write and tell me so. Secondly, my own boyfriend  has ‘sampled’ Lola’s panties, before I allowed her to sell on my website. Let’s just say he is my Quality Control person and yes, he loves his job lol. I can tell you now, I could not get those panties back off of him and even more concerning, he now says “He doesn’t know where they are anymore?” Yeah right, I’m sure he don’t!

So if you are into women’s used panties, or if you’re into Air Stewardess’s, then I know that Lola’s panties are going to blow you away. Trust Lola when she says ‘My Panties are miles above the rest’ because they most certainly are.

If you’d like to enjoy Lola’s worn underwear, worn on a long haul flight perhaps? with video or photos of her wearing them in her uniform? then just click on the picture above or below or click right here!



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newsmediaimages-celebrity-article-42199-alexa-chung-underwear-bike-nycPerhaps Alexa didn’t realise that she was going  to show off her big fullback panties to everyone whilst she getting off her bicycle. If this had been a typical ‘If I flash my panties it will make me famous’ scenario then surely she’d of worn something a little more sexy. So I think this is a genuine panty flash and not something that was done to gain herself some publicity.

The British trendsetter was seen biking around looking beautiful as usual, but whilst bending down to padlock her bike up, Alexa un knowingly showed off her fullback granny panties for all the world to see, thanks to a lurking paparazzo. Not the typical celebrity panty up skirt flash but I’m sure many men will still enjoy these photos.

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