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No comment, just the knickers..oh and my bra too


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Anyone want my dirty Cream Coloured Mesh Thong Panties? I’ve worn these for a few days now so they are fully of my sweet scent.

I’m giving these away free to the first person to email me.

Just another good reason why my used panty website is probably the best in the world.





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I’m starting a new series of posts for you to show your wife’s and girlfriend’s panties on my blog. They can be with or without her knowing, it’s up to you. They can even be of you wearing your wife or girlfriends panties, again with or without her knowing lol.

So here we go with the first post. Dave from Birmingham shows off his wife’s lovely looking bottom wearing a sexy pair of cream fullbacks.

Who’s next? Email me your pictures to


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No comment, just the knickers..


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