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It’s not jut me offering used panties on my website, you can buy my friends as well. Click on the picture below.


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If you like a little more than just the dirty knickers of a beautiful looking woman, then how about enjoying her worn bra also. Sophia has just added a few more items to her pages one being a deligtful cotton and lace bra that she says she’ll wear for you along with any of her panties, for as long as you want her too.

Enjoy Sophia Used Underwear, you know you want to.


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The best Used Panties for Sale,  from the best girl’s, only at my website.

Take a look at these photos of Louise for instance. This Panty and Corset set was worn for a full day and night before being sealed and sent off to a very lucky guy.

Now wouldn’t you like to get your face buried deep inside Louise’s Dirty Used Panties?

Click right here to be taken direct to Louise’s Used Panty Page.

Louise's Tight Dirty Panties - Want them?

Click right here to be taken direct to Louise’s Used Panty Page.

Louise's Tight Dirty Panties - Want them?

Click right here to be taken direct to Louise’s Used Panty Page.

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304I usually wait until the sales are on before I re-stock my panty draw and buy new underwear for myself and this year is no exception. I have just bought lots of new panties and bras in just about every single colour and design. Thongs, Fullbacks, Bikinis, Tangas, Satin, Sheer, Silk, Lace, Cotton, Blue, Pink, Red, Black and so on.

What frustrated me though, whilst I was browsing through the various lingerie departments, was that I couldn’t find a decent matching set of bra and panty. I found one nice bright yellow bra from Sorella and they even had my size. However, it didn’t come with a matching panty. Then there was a Pierre Cardin matching bra and panty set in yellow I spotted but they didn’t have my size! Typical!

In the end, I got the yellow bra from Sorella and a panty in the closest matching colour from the same brand. But I wasn’t entirely pleased with my purchase. While I’m not that particular that the underwear I buy must be in matching sets, I always aim to get them in matching colours.

I guess over time I have got used to wearing odd n sods like what shown in the pictures, because I often end up wearing what a customer tell me too anyway, but it somehow just doesn’t feel right wearing a different colour bra to my panties..

So how about you guys? Are you particular about a lady wearing matching bra and panty sets? Does it bother you if they do not match? Do you prefer a sexy matching bra, panty and suspender set?



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I will wear my bra and panty sets for as long as you want me to and can also take lots of pictures and video of me wearing them before I send them freshly worn and sealed in a plain package, just for you.

Yet another reason why Abby’s Worn Panties is probably the best used panty site in the world!

Blue Bra & Panty Set

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