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Yes this is a picture of a genuine Air Stewardess and yes she sells her dirty used panties and nylons on my website.

Her name is Lola and she’s a 26 year old brunette with the vital statistics of 32 – 24 -32 and she wears the cutest little size 8 panties under that hot uniform of hers. Lola’s favourite phrase since she’s been selling her worn underwear on my website is.. and I quote "”My panties are miles above the rest” and she is not wrong. Apart from being a real stunner and many men’s ultimate  fantasy, she really does have the sweetest used panties you could ever hope to lay your hands on, or your tongue.

How do I know? Well firstly I have had literally hundreds of emails and feedback comments from ‘happy customers’. How do I know they are happy? Because each and everyone of them loved Lola’s dirty panties so much that they could be bothered to write and tell me so. Secondly, my own boyfriend  has ‘sampled’ Lola’s panties, before I allowed her to sell on my website. Let’s just say he is my Quality Control person and yes, he loves his job lol. I can tell you now, I could not get those panties back off of him and even more concerning, he now says “He doesn’t know where they are anymore?” Yeah right, I’m sure he don’t!

So if you are into women’s used panties, or if you’re into Air Stewardess’s, then I know that Lola’s panties are going to blow you away. Trust Lola when she says ‘My Panties are miles above the rest’ because they most certainly are.

If you’d like to enjoy Lola’s worn underwear, worn on a long haul flight perhaps? with video or photos of her wearing them in her uniform? then just click on the picture above or below or click right here!



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Want to get your hands on a real Air Hostess’s dirty panties that she’s worn in flight?

Click below!


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Women who sell their used panties online are most definitely providing a very valuable service. Whether they may or may not be actually turned on by the prospect of sharing their personal lingerie with distant customers is beside the point. They are performing a valuable public and commercial service, sparing their customers embarrassment or worse.

For example, in 2005, a hapless young man in Japan was arrested as he pursued three schoolgirls in a company vehicle, begging to buy the young girls panties. The man told prosecutors, "I had no idea what I was doing was a crime. They were wearing really short skirts and I got all excited. I didn’t want new panties, I wanted used ones." He was the first person charged with violating an expanded Kanagawa Prefectural Government ordinance aimed at preventing the sale of underwear worn by minors.

So is this industry monitored nowadays?

abby1207mainWell, I am sure my readers will be happy to know that a self-regulating industry group known as the “Panty Trust” expects “all members to be a cut above the typical lingerie seller… Members agree not to promote, insinuate, or suggest activities or situations that could be considered illegal or unethical.” This includes “age play or mention of anything related to minors or persons under the age of 18” and “insinuating bestiality.” The Panty Trust also includes a two-tiered mediation service for disputes between buyers and sellers, and warns members of occasional phishing scams. Panty Trust members, who have endured the rigorous verification process, proudly display evidence of their membership on their websites. Buyers can feel secure, and the sellers who consistently meet or exceed industry standards may even be recognized with Golden Panty Seller or Lifetime Achievement awards.

Of course I am a long standing member of Panty Trust and my seal number being 071220. My seal can be viewed here.

You can trust Panty Trust to ensure all girls, including me, to follow certain guidelines and rules and also that the seller has been vetted and verified as being genuine. That way you know your purchase will be from a genuine panty selling girl and not some creep trying to make a quick few pounds.

So, if you are a new buyer or a new seller, Panty Trust has got to be your first port of call.

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..and then there is this work of art from Lise Charmel

The Reve De Luxe Garter Belt by Lise Charmel, may be the most beautiful garter belt I’ve ever seen. Well, it may be the most beautiful piece of lingerie I’ve ever seen.

PAAAIAGGJICACPHD-gold-lgThis piece reminds me of some of the most classic pieces of lingerie from a time long since gone. The silk satin. The lace detail. The gold colour. It all combines for something so classic and sexy that it’s hard to find the right words to describe it. I can only imagine what one would feel like as soon as they laced themselves up in this.

This garter belt is high wasted, ending mere millimetres away from the underwire of the bra cups. The top is embellished with a gorgeous lace floral detail. The garter belt has boning down the front and the middle of the belt is closed by a ribbon lace of the front of the garment and a hook and eye closure in the back. The bottom of the belt has a small lace fringe and there are four detachable garter straps. The belt is made in Italy from 47% silk, 36% polyamide, 10% elastane, and 7% polyester. It costs about £300. But if you want one really luxurious piece of lingerie for your lady, which will make her feel like royalty, this may be the one to go with. …..otherwise, just in case you were wondering, I’m putting it on my Christmas list ;-).

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fri 1 037-1Hasn’t Jodie got the cutest bottom you have ever seen? Along with a gorgeous bottom, she also wears the cutest pairs of little panties on this planet.

Check these pictures out of just one of the pairs of panties Jodie will be offering for sale on my website very soon.

Abby’s Worn Panties, where you’ll find the cutest of bottoms and the cutest of used panties.

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Want Jodie’s Dirty Little Used Panties Click Here!

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Andrex models

Being a woman has many associated nightmare scenarios. No.1 being the worry of accidently tucking the end of the loo roll into your knickers or your skirt as you leave the toilet cubicle. Then walking into a busy shop, restaurant, club or pub with a trail of white toilet roll following you around. Really sexy NOT!!!!!!

But Andrex have gone one step further with this nightmare horror moment and their latest campaign sees sexy long legged women walking along a busy high street in only their underwear with a roll of toilet tissue trailing from their knickers.

Ten models wore the underwear designed by Ayten Gasson. Ayten loves underwear as the following photos show. In 2004, Ayten graduated from Central St Martins in print and began her career in lingerie by collaborating with Tabooboo to create an exclusive range of 50’s inspired printed silk lingerie for Selfridges.

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