I recently received this comment on my blog which I took very seriously and did my utmost to help the poor man, as he believes he is a panty pervert.



“Not sure if you could help me. I suppose it’s an addiction. I am obsessed with women’s knickers and constantly try to look up women’s skirts. I Know it’s wrong but I love to see the secrets of what they have hidden. One day I will be caught and arrested. Am I a panty pervert? When I saw your blog my first thought was, I wonder what colour panties you are wearing, now that has to be wrong, yes?? I am harmless but sick I think, can you advise or help me? Thank you, Andy”.



Andy, what you feel is quite normal. Men find it very interesting what us girls are wearing beneath our skirts. It’s all about the ‘not knowing’ that is the thrill I think. However, there are normal limits to everything and if this little fetish is getting out of hand, then perhaps you do have a problem. My advice would be to see if you can control it, so it is no longer an addiction.



 Now let’s see if we can get you off of this addiction of yours. Look at each of the pictures below, as if you were standing there as these pictures were taken, but DO NOT look at the ladies panties! Instead I want you to concentrate on the back ground scenery and what going on around the ladies. I then want you to close each photo without knowing what colour panties the lady was wearing in each pic. If you can do this to all six photos, then I think you have controlled your addiction, if you can’t, then yes Andy, you are a panty pervert!


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