02I stole my first pair of panties from a girl we used to hang out with when I was sixteen or seventeen. I loved to use them to masturbate with. Thinking about sheer panties on a hot little body gave me ripping orgasms. Since then, I have stolen probably fifty pairs whenever the opportunity presented itself. Any decent-looking woman might get her panties swiped if I get the chance. I have stolen panties belonging to neighbours whose homes I watch, my friends girlfriends’ and wives’, the laundry in my room at college, you name it. The stealing of the panties is almost as exciting as masturbating into them. I don’t wear them; I have never had that desire. The bonus comes when I see these ladies and know I have pleasured myself on their panties. It’s a good thing that they can’t read my thoughts!

The best pair I have ever stolen was from my friends beautiful 18 year old girlfriend. We was partying one evening at the flat. My friend and his girl had pretty much been drinking all day long and were absolutely wasted by the time I arrived at theirs. Gemma was so drunk i couldn’t believe it and i was getting some great view of her little panties as she fell about the place and sprawled all over the sofa. It’s as if she had no idea that her legs were slightly apart as she lay their right in front of me chatting or should I say muttering a load of slurred rubbish lol. Not that I minded as I couldn’t keep my eyes of those liny little panties she kept inadvertently showing me.

In the end my friend sent her to bed as she was so far gone it was getting embarrassing. Half an hour or so later I had to use their bathroom and couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked in and locked the door behind me.

There in front of me, lying on the floor, was all of Gemma’s clothes, as if she’d stepped right out of them. I immediately pulled up her demin skirt and out dropped the tiniest little cherry thong. I was beautiful and I instantly held it to my nose and then frantically started licking the crotch of it. It was still warm and tasted and smelt so sweet. I cum within seconds and will never every forget that pretty girls panties the first time I sniffed them.

Of course I took them with me and wanked my cock over them pretty little panties many many time. I’ve also had the pleasure of probably every pair she worn lately as I often bedsit for them when they are away. I love to look at her picture on the window sill and and sniff and wank over her dirty panties. She and her panties are the best!

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