taylor-swift-concertTaylor Swift joined the ‘Celebrity Panty Upskirters’ when she ended up showing her audience more than she planned. It happened when a gust of wind blew the stunning 21 year olds ‘floaty’ blue dress right up during a performance in St Louis, America.

“I thought she was trying to re-enact the Marilyn Monroe scene” said one off the side line crew “Everyone saw her panties, it was a real treat”.

The singers nightmare wardrobe malfunction happened mid song to reveal a pair of white Bridget Jones-style knickers! “They looked like that were spandex or something” one guy said, Another older member of the audience said they were “huge cotton knickers, something like what my old mom use to wear”.

“What ever they was, we all certainly had a good look of them and I got it all on video said another fan”

xlarge_392822595_swift_0165_122_435loTaylor didn’t let it get in the way of her performance though, she simply laughed it off and carried on singing her hit song You Belong With Me which in my opinion was very professional of her, even though people were shouting things like "I’ve seen Grandmas in sexier underwear that yours Taylor" "Show us ya Granny pants, show us ya Granny pants"

Don’t worry Taylor, it can happens to anyone and has definitely happened to me on many occasions! The other thing of course is that much of your audience, the male part that is, did actually love to seeing what knickers you were wearing, even if they were very very big knickers.

Oh and Taylor, if you do have think about the type of panties you should be wearing when in public and especially when you’re up on a stage, considerably higher than some of the audience and you decide that you want to sell those worn knickers, I’ll buy them from you (don’t wash them though). Something tells me I may be able to make a profit on them.

Whatever though, I’m so pleased you’ve joined the Celebrity Panty Upskirters and can’t wait to see more of your huge knicker collection.

Taylor Swift Exposed
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