Want my smelly sweaty stockings?

I don’t… because they’ve been worn all week to the office and I can’t be bothered to wash them, so they’re going in the bin.

Oh… unless someone wants to buy them off of me that is?

Lets say £20.00? That’s not bad is it, for something that only cost a few quid! lol.

Of course, it’s not  the sheer nylon you’re paying me for is it? It’s my sweat you want don’t you? My foot sweat and my body scent is what you are paying all that money for isn’t it… foot lover!?!

So, stop moaning about how much it’s going to cost you, I’m entitled to your money.. Order them now from here and think yourself lucky I’m going to let you become my foot slave!

1-Mistress Abby (282)

2 Responses to “Smelly Sweaty Stockings For Sale”
  1. Billy says:

    yes please Abby but must admit I would prefer a pair of your tights that have been worn all week to work xxx

  2. Billy says:

    hi Abby, love this pic, but do you think we see the colour version please hun?
    Billy xxx

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