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P1030362P1030372Order a pair of Millie’s used panties before Christmas and you stand the chance of receiving ever pair of panties shown below and one of Millie’s sweet candy canes which of course will be rubbed around and inserted exactly where you would want it to be.

Orders must be received by 25th December 2013.

Good luck and Happy Christmas

Take a look at Millie’s Panties by clicking here.


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Millie has some really naughty Christmas teats in store and we’re not just talking about her dirty used panties either. Check back on this blog soon to keep updated on what she has to offer. Christmas is coming!


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Thank you for all that entered my Christmas competition.

The winner had to guess what type and colour panties I would wear on Christmas day out of a selection of different styles and colours. Well we have a winner! He’s name is Billy, a regular contributor to this blog and he guessed (along with others) that I’d be wearing a white cotton pair of fullback panties on Xmas day. In fact nineteen guys guessed correctly, so I had to draw the names from a hat and Billy was the lucky one.

So well done Billy, my well worn cotton Christmas day panties are on there way to you soon.



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A very Merry Christmas to all our customers and may 2013 bring you  Health and Happiness and of course lots of our dirty used panties to enjoy!1-039

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Christmas is just around the corner and to celebrate we I’m doing an extra special used panty competition!

It’s not difficult, you do not have to be that clever, you’ve just got to be lucky really.CHRISTMAS COMPITION

The competition prize is to guess the underwear I’ll be wearing on Christmas Eve through to boxing day and that’s not just my panties, my bra and nylons to, if I wear nylons that is.

All you have to do is to pick one option from each of the three categories below that best describe the actual panties I’ll have on, on Xmas day.

So as an example, you may guess that I’ll be wearing a ‘White, Satin, Thong’

Oh and there’s no point in going to my ‘order tracking page’ to see if you can work it out from there, because I m not wearing anyone’s order over this competition period.

If you’d like to enter my little Christmas competition then all you have to do is send me an email with ‘Christmas Used Panty Competition’ written in the subject box and then tell me what panties you think I’ll have the evening of the 24th through to the morning of the 26th. The competition starts now and closes on Boxing Day morning.

Well that’s it, good luck and may a wish you an early Happy Christmas!

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knicker drawerWith only seven or so more weeks until Christmas, lingerie might seem like a perfect answer to the big question ‘what shall I buy her’ for Christmas? but please take my advice and buy carefully and check her knicker drawer first.

A country wide survey has revealed that over half of the 24 million panty and bra purchased over the Christmas period are never worn, and according to the research, the worst offenders are men who buy red lacy underwear for their girlfriends or wives (or even both of them lol).

So boys, whilst those lacy sheer pair of crutchless knickers may drive your imagination wild, please remember your check her knicker drawerpartner will be running around the shopping centre, driving home, then off to her evening fitness class afterwards. So, just like your boxers, she’ll also want comfort as well as them looking sexy for you, because remember, she’s got to wear those panties all day long.

Now,  don’t get me wrong, us women don’t mean to sound ungrateful, we like, in fact love being bought underwear but we need to enjoy wearing them as well as looking good in them. Therefore, please make sure they’re sophisticated, wonderfully sexy, comfortable and very importantly, the right size!!!

Yes, the right size, we aren’t all the same as the manikin in M&S you know! The reason I say this is the study also revealed that 31% of all Christmas underwear is often too small but sometimes and… and if my man ever did this he’d die… even unforgivably, too big.

“So how do you find the perfect pair and avoid these panty nightmare Christmas gifts?” I hear you say?

It’s easy, firstly check the her knicker drawer, look at her sizes, where she usually buys them from, all usually visible on the label. Don’t get caught though, as not only could it spoil the surprise, she may suspect you are wearing her underwear or even sniffing them. Once you have the information, then shop for them online, don’t choose anything to ‘tarty’ or ‘slutty’ but on the other hand, not too conservative, oh and please do not buy her red!

Take my advice and make sure the panties and bra you gift to her are used by her and don’t end up being stuffed in the back of her knicker draw never to see the light of day.

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