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The best Used Panties for Sale,  from the best girl’s, only at my website.

Take a look at these photos of Louise for instance. This Panty and Corset set was worn for a full day and night before being sealed and sent off to a very lucky guy.

Now wouldn’t you like to get your face buried deep inside Louise’s Dirty Used Panties?

Click right here to be taken direct to Louise’s Used Panty Page.

Louise's Tight Dirty Panties - Want them?

Click right here to be taken direct to Louise’s Used Panty Page.

Louise's Tight Dirty Panties - Want them?

Click right here to be taken direct to Louise’s Used Panty Page.

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I love sending you my dirty used knickers, I actually enjoy it and also I can definitely do with the extra cash it earns me sometimes.

However, I must admit, there is dirty and there is dirty when it comes to wearing panties and although I don’t mind the one or two day wears, wearing them longer than that is a little unhygienic in my books.

Can you imagine having to wear the same pair of pants for the whole week? It wouldn’t be nice would it?

So, please feel sorry for me when as guy submits an order asking for me to wear my panties for 5 days, just like I had to do recently with this bra and panty set. I mean talk about hot and sticky when I removed my bra and I won’t even tell you about how hot and sticky and dirty my panties were.

Please let me have a Happy New Year, no orders over three days long PLEASE! LOL


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I’m naturally a very clean girl, but also naturally a very naughty girl, especially on Christmas Day, so if one of my clients ask for my panties to be extra dirty, then that is exactly what he will get. These little red thong panties, were worn for a few days and then ‘played in’ twice, just so he could taste everything he wished for. He also had my panties I wore every single day that week. As you can see below, he really did get a selection of my dirty knickers fresh from my body.

 Would you like my dirty used panties?


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It appears to me that this ladies dirty panties are being used and abused with out her knowledge.

Can you imagine if she happened to come across this video whilst browsing YouTube.

What a shock she would have seeing her dirty panties on display to the whole wide world LOL

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I’m so pleased to announce that my friend Louise has joined me in selling our dirty knickers.

You can find out more about Louise on my previous post below or by visiting her web pages on my website.

Louise is a gorgeous looking 28 year old lady with a very petite figure and a bottom to die for.

I just know you’ll love her dirty little panties and other items that she could send you.

Check out Louise’s panties by visiting her pages by clicking here.

louise blog

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Mmmm.. Jodie’s little panties really do look delicious in this video that she did for a recent client.

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If you are thinking of ordering yourself a pair of used panties, then please take my advice.. Try a pair of Jodie’s little panties and whilst you’re at it, ask her to make a video, whilst she wears them for you. That way you get her dirty knickers AND get to see that amazing little size 10 bottom in them!

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Whether you are buying Jodie’s Used Panties, Aimee’s Dirty Knickers, or my own delicious Worn Underwear, all are available with high quality video. Just take a look at the images above and below that have been captured from an example video. Beautiful clear images available in 5 or 10 minute videos, of gorgeous young ladies in a pair of sexy little worn knickers that you could be holding in your hands whilst you watch. Now that has gotta be the ultimate panty sniffing experience… has it not?

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