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Men are simple creatures.

Women often ask: "What underwear do you like to see me in?" and the usual answer is: "Any underwear." Unless your relationship has been going so long that you have sex only on special occasions, such as your birthday or the crowning of a new king or queen, then most men are just pathetically grateful to see women partially unclothed. I mean that’s why you are here… isn’t it? to see me or my friends in their panties?

I bet you can remember the first time you saw a girlfriend’s underwear, can you? probably because you were such a hormone crazed teenager whose excitement at getting a girl into bed made the moment unforgettable. Can you remember what colour panties she was wearing? I bet half of you can?

suspenda10212_468x371Over the years I should imagine you’ve seen many women in sexy panty and bra sets and t’s surprising how quickly you develop very strong opinions on what you do and don’t like. Whilst you men like nothing better than seeing us girls in our underwear, some underwear is infinitely preferable to others.

It’s easy to see where women go wrong. Underwear buying is fraught with difficulties. Wander around the lingerie section of any major store and you’ll be confronted by a stack of over complicated undergarments.

The classic image of a suspender set with a push-up bra is what most women imagine gets their man’s cock pulsing. As you’ll know though, nothing could be further from the truth. Whether it’s a simple white set-up with a sexy bow, or some cute polka dot pants, the items that score big with you men are those that suggest innocence and fun. Take a look at my panties on my website page, or that of any of my friends and you’ll agree that all our panties, are just ‘girl next door’ stuff, not all this lacy, frilly bow stuff. I hope you’ll agree that my whole website gives the reader the sense of innocence and fun along with a touch of eroticism. I don’t want my website to look like some cheap over frilly black red underwear store, I’ve always wanted it to be natural but sensual and I hope you’ll agree that’s what it is? Take the Ann Summer’s style wannabe stripper look for instance. I just doesn’t hit the spot any more, if, indeed, it ever really did.

So why are the stores still groaning with so many frilly, fancy sets? If women find them uncomfortable and annoying, and men see them as cheesy (and in some cases, intimidating), who is keeping these offending items on the shelves?

Any ideas, you simple creatures lol?

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The panty raid is a prank carried out mainly in USA, in which students steal the panties of female students by intruding into their living quarters. The term dates to February 1949. However, the term has also been used on theft of female underwear in general, notably in the criminal cases.

Panty raids were the first college craze after World War II, following the 1930s crazes of goldfish swallowing or seeing how many could fit in a phone booth.

The first documented incident occurred on February 25, 1948, at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. Around 260 men entered the women’s building (Carlsson Hall, since remodelled for classroom space) through heating tunnels beneath the school. Once inside, they unlocked the door for the remaining raiders to enter. Although a few panties were taken, the goal was to cause commotion. The police arrived, and although no pranksters were charged, the news travelled, making headlines in the Chicago Tribune, Stars and Stripes, Time magazine, and the New York Times.

The next incident was on March 21, 1952, when University of Michigan students raided a dormitory. This led to panty raids across the nation. Penn State’s first raid involved 2,000 males marching on the women’s dorms on April 8, 1952, cheered on by the women, who opened doors and windows and tossed out lingerie. By the end of 1952 spring term the "epidemic" had spread to 52 campuses.

CaptureAt a number of colleges, panty raids functioned as a humorous, ad hoc protest against curfews and entry restrictions that barred male visitors from women’s dormitories. This was particularly the case at colleges that had recently started admitting women in large numbers for the first time after World War II, where the role of female students on campus had not yet been worked out. At some colleges the large, leaderless crowds which gathered around panty raids were co-opted by student politicians into protest and activism against dorm curfews and parietals. These stirrings of student protest against restrictive campus rules fed the sudden emergence in the late 1950s of liberal activist parties in student government, such as SLATE at Berkeley.

Generally, the girls welcomed the raiders and in some cases raided men’s colleges such as Georgetown University. At the University of Washington, though, raiders broke windows, and coeds at Christian College and Stephens College fought raiders from the University of Missouri.

Raiding continued, such as the raid by Princeton University men on Westminster Choir College in spring 1953. The University of Nebraska was credited with the first panty raid of 1955, when hundreds raided the women’s dorms, resulting in injuries and seven suspensions. The University of California, Berkeley had a 3,000-man panty raid in May 1956, which resulted in $10,000 damage. At the University of Michigan panty raids were associated with fall football pep rallies in addition to being a spring ritual in the 1950s and early 1960s. The spring ritual continued in the 1960s. Three students were expelled from the University of Mississippi for panty raids in 1961.

By the 1970s, mixed dorms and less inhibited attitudes to intercourse on campus led to fading of panty raids. In 1969, the Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, decried permissive attitudes to protesters on the Berkeley campus during the People’s Park riots, saying "How much further do we have to go to realize this is not just another panty raid?”

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thongsAccording to MSN Today thongs are officially out and big knickers are back in.

I guess some heartbroken men are screaming ‘No’ very loudly. After all thongs are the stuff songs are made of, aren’t they?

Not to worry gentlemen, sexy boy shorts and other underwear are supposedly going to be the new craze and women will no longer have to endure the discomfort of thongs. Oh, the things we endure in the name of fashion.

I figure thongs made an entry to solve the "problem" of visible panty lines. Now,I never understood what was so criminal about visible panty lines, after all if we wear the garments then lines are to be expected.

Then somewhere along the line thong as outerwear became fashionable. It seemed like everywhere you turned a thong was peeping out from the back of some woman’s low rise or regular jeans or trousers. And then some women would try to pull their shirts over when sitting or just ignore it. For me, the thong as outerwear was plain tacky but then again am often accused of being old fashioned. But seriously, there is a reason why it is called underwear, right? Given the rate at which underwear is becoming more and more visible an outfit may soon consist of a jazzy matching bra and panty set.

So boys what’s your preference? Do you like to see what panties or knickers as girl is wearing? or do you just like to see the girls panty line and then let your imagination do the rest?

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It wouldn’t be New Year without making some resolutions of course. And before you boys all groan, I’m not talking about the usual things – diets, more exercise etc. I’m talking about some new underwear! See, I knew that would get your attention lol. I spotted a rather fun piece in the news about a “New Year, New You” lingerie overhaul for the ladies. Lifestyle & lingerie expert Jenny Altman has spent the last decade dressing celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and Cameron Diaz. Jenny’s expertise lies in selecting the most beautiful dressing solutions for every woman’s size and shape. And this January she launched her "New Year, New You Challenge", after surveys showed astonishingly that nearly 80% of women have been wearing the same style underwear their whole adult life. Now we girls can probably think of our go-to bra and underwear brand…… our default response is to pick up these same brands every mornings when we’re in a hurry. But I can’t help agreeing and thinking that it’s time to try something new.

Jenny helps promote healthy body image online by offering solutions to help women look and feel their best. For her "New Year, New You Challenge" she’s teaching women how to get rid of the old (size, bras, clothes, boyfriends) and gain confidence in themselves, and to begin 2012 with a bang. As part of her “New Year, New You” challenge…she asks ‘honestly when is the last time you cleaned out your underwear/bra drawer?’

She continues, ‘from time to time I have also fallen victim to the dreaded lingerie drawer. There are gorgeous lingerie pieces you wore on special occasions. There might even be some beautiful gifts you received (if you were lucky enough to have one of those boyfriends with good taste). Regardless look at the drawer and admit you only wear the things that are on top. When is the last time you wore the others? New lingerie replaces old. New boyfriends replace old ones. Think about how good you will feel each morning when you slide open that drawer and see the new items that fit you well, and make you look fabulous!’


So, for all the girls that this sounds familiar to, some of Jenny’s "New Year" challenges include:

Do you know your real size?

Clean out your lingerie drawer once and for all.

Get out of your underwear rut. Try a new colour or brand.

Feel feminine in your work uniform. Spice up your undergarments and accessories to keep you feeling like a lady.

Now it goes without saying that I don’t have any trouble shifting my old underwear lol. In fact, it’s a struggle to keep up with the demand for my old throw-always. But girls, I think it’s definitely a good idea to have a change once in a while, to try something new and exciting. And what better place to start than in the New Year? And what’s more, to stick to it. Don’t go back to those boring old knickers. And boys, why not spoil your other half with some fabulous new lingerie? But please….. get the right size lol. And believe me, she’ll appreciate it the effort.

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Girls, take my advice.

Christmas is coming so now’s the time to start the New Year with an underwear drawer to be proud of.

Lose all those grey and saggy panties and those bras that don’t quite do it for you any more. Make sure that you have a range of underwear to suit the occasion and your outerwear. Check you have the right straps, the right colour, the right comfort level and go for a regular bra fitting to make sure you’re wearing the right size.  Buy sports bras for exercise and t-shirt bras for smooth tops. There are lots of lovely two piece sets for those nights out and the range of shape wear now available is impressive.  Think of your underwear as the foundation of your look, get it right and you are halfway there.

Boys, help your lady out here, buy her some lovely expensive panty and bra sets for Christmas and then she’ll dump all those saggy and grey panties that she and you have become accustomed to.

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Boxing 3It’s not just men that Box, so does Lola.

Lola says.. "I came up with the idea after I suffered an attack in a nightclub"

"The guy was pestering me and assumed because I was petit, I’d be an easy target. He was huge, over 6ft, and he backed me into a corner. When I tried to push him away, he slammed his fist into my face. I fell to the floor and suffered bruising. The guy ran away and was never caught. But worst of all, my confidence was shattered. I couldn’t go out without looking over my shoulder.

So I joined a boxing gym near to the Airport that I usually work from. They told me I had natural ability, and I loved it. When I told them that I was an Air Stewardess, they th_706525480_49c8fe7b2550d_123_469locouldn’t believe it, in fact they didn’t believe me until I turned up to the Gym one evening on my uniform", their tongues fell out of their mouths lol.

"So, I learnt to box and became pretty good and also pretty fit. The next time someone challenged me, I’d be able to defend myself. After four months of training, I took part in a boxing show, fighting with another girl. I won and have never looked back"

"Men look at me nowadays and think awww.. pretty little thing, but little do they know that pretty little girl packs a Hefty punch and would certainly bloody their nose should it be called for. It’s great to challenge the stereotype".

Boxing 2"Men pay to see girls fight, they’re amazed how powerful we are. This isn’t about hair pulling.

Female boxing doesn’t get the attention it deserves I think. I love to prove that boxing isn’t just for the boys".

"And of course there is now another part of my gym training and boxing matches. Another thing that gets so many of my fans all flustered and hot under the collar. Yes, I am now selling my panties I’ve worn during training or in the Boxing ring under my shorts. So, it’s not just my panties that I wear to work whilst flying the skies of the world, you can also have my dirty sweaty boxing panties to enjoy"

Boxing 1

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