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Sophia’s dirty knickers are without doubt the best that money can buy. Don’t take my word for it guys, order a pair of her beautiful dirty panties, nylons or whatever else you want and they will be in your hands in no time. Just another reason why my used panty website is the best in the world.


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You sit in your airline seat carefully watching her every move. She walks the aisle in those glistening heels, her longs legs clad in nylon, you’re mesmerised by her elegance and as she passes, her scent anesthetizes you.

Capture1Since the invention of the jet engine and the first commercial package tours, the Air Stewardess has been right at the very top of every man’s fantasy ‘wish list’. What would you give to have more of her? to be closer to her? to taste her? Well boys, now you can!

Lola is a beautiful Air Stewardess and works for one of the most prestigious airlines in the world, taking her all over the world. She really is the woman who is at the top of any man’s fantasy wish list and I’m very lucky to have her join me on my website.

So, now you really do have the chance to get your hands of an Air Stewardess’s worn panties and nylons and not only that, Lola is willing to take photos of herself wearing the panties you have ordered in her uniform to prove it (Airline identity will not be shown).

But there is more!

Lola is not just offering you her panties, tights or pantyhose, but offering those that she’s worn during her busy work schedule.

So, you can order her underwear which is guaranteed to have been worn whilst at work, for short haul, medium or long haul flights.

Can you imagine how hot and sticky those panties and nylons get under that tight blue uniform by the end of an international long haul flight? I don’t have to tell you do I boys, do I?

I personally do not know of any other website where you can get your hands on an Air Stewardess’s dirty underwear. In fact, I do not know anywhere in the world where you can, unless your wife of girlfriend is one.

So, don’t hang about boys, click below and within no time, Lola’s dirty worn panties will be flying your way.

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Check out Lola’s Used Panties for Sale, along with her dirty nylons and to be honest, anything you want from her panty drawer. There is no other website in the world, where you can buy an Air Stewardess’s worn panties, so visit now and click on ‘friends’ and ‘Lola’ in the main menu.

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PIC_0660PIC_0663Of course ‘all Men’ do not like Pantyhose, but after many years of running my own used panty business I have found that most Men do rather than do not.
Many Men will not, if ever, admit to liking Pantyhose. They will even say the opposite, many use the excuse of ‘easy access’ as their main concern.
The reason, I have found, that it is so difficult for Men to admit to liking sheer Pantyhose on Women is that as Pantyhose are not ‘mainstream’ anymore it can be considered, if sexual, a fetish item only. (Fetish meaning, you can not ‘perform’ with out it!)

So admitting to liking this among their surrounding population would be, maybe, giving something private away. Thus being labelled as ‘different’ or weird.

Silky Pantyhose are made to look very alluring and to feel very sensual. Of course we Men adore them on Women! There are many cheap brands that have assisted greatly in helping the hosiery companies ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ which feel slightly scratchy or do not fit well. This is usually when you hear people complain. Then there are the more modern styles of pantyhose or tights, like the ones I am wearing below. Every man has different tastes, what appeals to one may not another, but all in all I think more men like nylon clad legs than those who don’t.

PIC_0664Another thing that may put a man off is if someone of rather extreme size is trying to wear a size too small. Or if a ‘guy’ is interested in fooling around with a girl, only to ‘do his thing’ as soon as possible, without any thought of sensual textures, caressing, petting, foreplay, etc…
Side note: Try purchasing the more expensive pairs. They are more expensive for a good reason. The much greater weaving techniques, the materials being used (great nylon vs. cheap nylon), the amount of lycra, etc…

A lot also comes from upbringing, certain experiences that happened in life or when growing up as a kid. Television shows, Fantasies, there are many things to be factored in.

PIC_0673So do all Men like Pantyhose? No. But most of you do and so many of you have great trouble admitting it.

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Being an Air Hostess send Lola all over the word, so every now and again she’ll post a post card to this blog, just to let her customers know where she is and what panties she’s wearing.

If you’d like to own an Air Stewardess’s panties, that have been worn whilst working, then Lola is just the girl for you. A real stunner and a real Stewardess!

Lola in Sydney

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This is a little example of the videos that you can buy when you order my panties. I’ll take a video of me wearing them, just before I take them off.

Obviously the quality is much better with the original video. I take all my video with an HD camera, so the quality is second to none.

You can order,  video and photo sets when you are placing your order for either my panties or any of my friends panties.

Abby x

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