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Nylons, tights, pantyhose whatever you want to call them, Sophia can wear them for you for as long as you want her to. Sophia’s sexy sweaty nylons are the best around… clad to her gorgeous young body before being vacuum packed and sent to you.

Take a look at Sophia’s nylon drawer by clicking here.



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1Pinch Punch, the first day of the month!

…and following on from my Sophia panty post of last month, Sophia doesn’t just send her dirty panties out to all you panty fans, she also sends out her worn nylons as well.

It’s been in the seventies this week in England, so can you imagine just how hot a sweaty her underwear has been, stuck to that amazing bottom and her long sexy legs and that’s not even mentioning how sweaty the soles of her nylons must get inside her little shoes and we all know how much you foot lovers LOVE sweaty smelly nylon soles… don’t we?

Take a look at the pics above and below and tell me you wouldn’t love to have those black nylon tights held to your noes or wrapped around your c..k

You would, wouldn’t you!


Well, what are you waiting for boys, order yourself a pair of hot sweaty nylon tights or pantyhose, direct from Sophia sweet young body.


Don’t miss out on probably the best used nylons on the internet… click on the link below!


Order and buy Sophia’s sweet sweaty sticky nylons right here!

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Click PICT7340on the picture below to be taken to Sophia’s pages on my website where you can see all her panties and nylons that she’s gonna let you sniff.


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www.abbyswornpanties (71)

 Mistress Abby (282)

Want my sweaty nylons, worn all day to the office? Of course you do! I can wear my tights, pantyhose, hold ups, stockings or pop sock for you for as long as you want me to. Click on a picture below to be taken to my website.


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trend-alert-suspender-tights--large-msg-132871249528Would you like to own my worn Suspender tights, that I’ve worn all day long to the office, or perhaps two or three days, whatever rocks your boat. Suspender tights have been on every girls fashion wish list for a while now. They are a great alternative to wearing traditional uncomfortable stocking and suspender belt all day long, but still give me that sexy feel, as if I’m wearing something really special under my skirt or dress and from a guys point of view, you may get to catch that quick glimpse of a stocking top as well, although strictly speaking, you didn’t… lol.

Since Suspender tights hit the high street they have been the hottest fashion hosiery around. Suspender tights have been spotted on the likes of Agyness Dean, Pixie Geldof, Pixie Lott, Lily Allen & even Princess Eugenie, they really are very popular with us girls.

Check out the video below of me wearing a pair of mine and like I said, if you want me, Jodie, Lola, Sophia or Sienna to wear a pair for you, with or without wearing panties underneath, then you know what to do, just visit my website, order and they’ll be in your hands within days, vacuum sealed and as fresh as the second we peeled them off of our legs. Oh, and if you would like us to wear a pair of sexy panties underneath, we can send them to you as well. We ship anywhere in the world, so what are you waiting for?


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Want the best used sweaty nylons from a beautiful English girl?

Then visit my website for a huge selection of the sweetest sweatiest pantyhose, tights, stockings and more.

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