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girl-showing-panties-640x960A man has earned the dubious honour of being the first person arrested for breaking an Ibaraki Prefectural Government ordinance outlawing minors from selling their panties, police said. Kenji Tomita, 46, a part-time worker from Ishioka, has been sent to the Ashikaga Local Public Prosecutors Office for breaking the Ibaraki Prefectural Government’s ordinance aimed at providing a wholesome upbringing for youth. Tomita admits to the allegations.

Tomita was the first person to be arrested under a clause of the ordinance that outlaws the practice of minors under 18 from removing their underwear and selling it.
Police said Tomita paid 10,000 yen in cash to a 14-year-old junior high schoolgirl he met through a mobile phone matchmaking site in exchange for her giving him two pairs of her panties at a hotel in southern Ibaraki Prefecture.

There is a big difference in a fetish for schoolgirl panties and actually buying a schoolgirls panties, which very wrong. The model above is over 18.

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