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I promised you an update on my somewhat perverted activities involving my girlfriends sexy little sister’s underwear. Sorry it’s taken so long to tell you, there’s a lot in here though, hope you enjoy reading it all!
I decided, in the interests of balance, that I should actually investigate my girlfriend’s underwear. It turns out that hers is even better than her sisters! I guess I’d never bothered to check before as I have uninhibited access to their contents on a regular basis. Especially good are her post-gym ones; sweat plus pussy juice is an incredible combination!
As for her sister though, I had a good few teasing, frustrating experiences. Whenever we’ve all been at their parents house, her door is generally open for all to see the mess on the floor, clothes strewn everywhere. Naturally her worn underwear features heavily but is always tantalisingly out of reach! When I feel I can risk it I sneak in briefly and have a quick rummage. Unfortunately the gussets have usually dried one pair especially were absolutely rigid, they must have been absolutely sodden before drying like cardboard! They still smelled excellent though, I can’t begin to imagine what they must have been like when the horny little minx had just cum in them.

There was a great occasion where I went to stay with her for a couple of days as I was in her town for work. As usual, I made it my mission to investigate her laundry basket and its pungent panty delights.
Having arrived I went upstairs to change. As usual, her room was an absolute state and, strewn on the floor was a set of dark pyjamas, pooled in a heap where she’d stepped out of them that morning. Being dark, her creamy deposits were spectacularly evident! Furthermore, being her pyjamas, there were many, many nights worth of juices, secretions and – I’d like to hope – some wonderful girl-cum! What a fantastic discovery. I changed as quickly as possible then took a good few minutes to all-but asphyxiate myself. I was sorely tempted to masturbate into the contents of her laundry as well – there were a still slightly moist pair lurking at the top there too, I’d have loved to have mixed my juices with hers! I resisted though, rearranged the monstrous erection in my own under wear and returned to her company, hoping the massive bulge just south of my waist was not too obvious. I resolved to get hold of her pyjamas as soon as possible the next morning – a whole nights worth of writhing next to that juicy little pussy would be too good to miss! I was not disappointed, I got a very fresh scent of both horny pussy and fresh sweat, all still slightly damp. I enjoyed that very much I tell you, it kept my cock hard all day until I could get back for another sniff whilst relieving myself into a tissue. There was a lot of my cum to mop up I can tell you.

used_pantiesThe evening I left, I’d met her after uni, we’d got fish and chips and some beer and gone back to hers. As soon as we got in she went upstairs to change and came back down in her pyjamas (the same ones with the wonderful deposits I’d discovered earlier) with a couple of DVDs for us to watch.
I then conveniently decided to pop up and pack up all my stuff, obviously taking my time… I was rewarded with a lovely damp gusset, her jeans were pretty tight and must have pressed her knickers very firmly against her hot little pubic mound. Just before I left I gave them a good lick, making sure to cover my nostrils in her beautiful scent – she smelled and tasted lovely, as I expected of course!
When I went back down, she asked me to wait a second and she’d walk me to the station. My eyes widened as I realised she might notice that her underwear was damper than previously. I also realised that this was the closest I was ever to likely to get to actually licking her tight little pussy lips. If she did notice her crotch was more damp than she remembered she certainly didn’t say anything and she’s still just as lax about tidying up her worn clothes. I can only assume she’s oblivious or simply doesn’t care!

We all went away for a weekend and she, being rather scatter-brained, managed to not bring anything useful like toothpaste, shampoo… or pyjamas. Here was a great opportunity to get in about some of the best possible dirty clothing!
My dick jumped at the thought that her hot sticky pussy would be grinding itself over the crotch of her borrowed sleepwear smearing her sexy musky discharge everywhere! I could not wait to feel the – with any luck – still warm, sticky fabric and hopefully be able to get a good suck on her pungent cum-juices. I thought my luck was out as she had evidently decided to wear underwear for once, the pyjama bottoms seemed all-but clean! I did manage a good whiff of her lovely cotton pants though, more subtle than usual (I can only assume that her impending uni exam must have stemmed her usually copious cunt-flow) but I did find a nice heady mix of pussy juice and sweat from her crotch. I had to be quick though as she’d only gone to the bathroom to get changed. I didn’t mind too much though as I knew I’d have a good amount of time to fully investigate her borrowed clothing later.

When she’d left, I made a point of keeping the t-shirt she’d worn aside. I’d wash that article when I was fully done with it and not before.
When I’d got back from seeing her onto the train – made straight for that thin cotton t-shirt which had adopted her myriad smells. From her hair products to the deposits under the armpits inhaling her hot musky scent instantly made my dick rise to full hardness. A few strokes with my hand while breathing in deeply and my cock was as hard as ever. I came very quickly with some powerful strokes, my hugely erect dick being seemingly harder than ever! The amount of spunk my tight balls managed to eject was astounding. However I wasn’t done yet.

My girlfriend went away for a night and so I decided to wear the t-shirt her sister had borrowed to sleep in. Her arousing scents were starting to fade so I’d decided to have one last epic wank and this time really and truly mix our DNA. A few minutes after putting that t-shirt on, I noticed that the smell had become much more pungent. I an only assume that my body heat had somehow re-awakened the scents of a certain sexy young woman. Obviously my dick rose to the occasion and I had a great time relieving my monstrous arousal. I decided to smear my cock and my balls with some lube and masturbate using that t-shirt while still wearing it. I shave my balls regularly and have done for a long time and do love the feeling. Girls seem to like it too, they seem much more eager to suck and deep-throat a shaved cock that one whose base is a forest of hair. Not sure if you’d agree buy that’s my experience. Once lubed up I ran my fingers and nails over my highly aroused genitals both bare and through the t-shirt. The more I stroked, the harder I got, especially imagining the t-shirt stretched over those beautiful little 20-year-old tits that are so forbidden to me. Like with her putting back on the knickers I’d recently licked, this was the closest I’d get to fucking her cleavage and rubbing my cock then cumming on those hot little breasts. These thoughts, coupled with the incredibly tight slippery grip I had on myself compounded to result in one of the most powerful climaxes I have ever experienced. The combined sensations of lube, t-shirt, gentle fingernail scratching and stroking ensured that my eventual ejaculation nearly blew me off my feet! So powerful I never thought it would end, the quantity of hot, sticky white spunk I squirted out had to be seen to be believed! It wouldn’t stop! The inside of that t-shirt – which I was imagining was her chest – was an absolute mess of spunk, sweat and lube. The more I came, the more I kept on cumming until eventually I was done. Even then, I sniffed at the armpit and my cock attempted to jerk back to life but even it had to admit it needed a break

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it’s nice to know what my readers have been up to with their panty sniffing antics. Jack has contact me again with an update on the subject of his obsession with his girlfriends younger sister, or more so her dirty panties. The story below is a continuation of a previous encounter Jack submitted to me which can be viewed here. The original story is great and this update also makes very interesting reading and is accompanied by a picture he took at the time. If you have any real life panty fetish stories you’d like to share with me and the rest of the panty community, then please drop me a line!

This follows on from my previous account of how my ‘sister-in law’ has so recently blossomed from a nervous little schoolgirl into a highly eligible and sexy young woman.

It turns out the first thing the horny little slut spent her time at uni doing was disposing of her virginity in as many places as possible. I must say I am very jealous of the guy(s) who were elected to fuck that tight little pussy and have their lucky cocks sucked dry by her sexy soft lips. She obviously loves being fucked – this much is evident by the juices I constantly find coating the gussets of her little panties.
This past weekend, armed with the knowledge that she’s no longer as innocent as everyone she thinks she is (having confided the above to me the previous night) I resolved to keep up my efforts with redoubled fervour. As usual while she was in the shower – my girlfriend having gone out to work – I investigated the underwear as sported by the sister the previous day. While not as pungently drenched as on previous occasions, one lick of the crotch unleashed a whole new world of the sexy odours of an empowered young woman. My cock instantly became as hard as it’s ever been and, knowing I didn’t have long, teased it to it’s utmost petrification and scurried back through the house. I did of course have a good long suck on her juices and covered my nose, lips and fingers with them for future reference.
I was still powerfully stroking my monstrously hard cock – fantasising about what I’d like to be doing to her with it – when she knocked on the door to tell me the shower was free. I kept my composure to respond, then erupted with a huge stream of cum; hot, sticky and incredibly volumous, wishing I was deep inside that most forbidden of fruits, feeling the soft but tight
grip of that recently de-flowered beauty.
I can’t wait for her to visit again! She has no idea about what I do, much less that I’m telling anyone about it!


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I have hundreds of experiences and stories emailed over to me by the readers of this blog and my website. This short Story is from Sid, aged 25 from the USA. If you want your experience or story posted on my blog, please email it over to

Often I would sleep over my last girlfriend’s parent’s home. She had a younger sister named Kelly who was 17. Kelly had longer hair than my girlfriend, sexy glasses, the prettiest face and always wore the tightest jeans. Her ass looked so amazing in tight jeans. I was so tempted to just grab it or shove my face into her crotch and smell her pussy. The best part was when I would go to the upstairs bathroom. The dirty clothes basket was right next to the toilet. Obviously, this was too much for me to handle, and i right away went searching for her dirty used panties, and indeed found a really sweet little dirty thong of hers.
427113344_4beeff7cc9_oI took them and smelled her amazing pussy scent while thinking of licking her. I would masturbate in a hurry; this became my newest obsession, and I would love to go to my girlfriend’s house so i could see her sister and try to get her dirty little panties.
I started to take a pair home so I could jerk off to her pussy smell all the time. Eventually the dirty linen basket never had her panties inside any more. I didn’t know if her sister knew I took a pair of her undies, or if i smelled her pussy while jerking off, but I needed more.
Late at night, I would go to the laundry room when the whole family was asleep. I would smell her socks, her pantyhose, her bras and always every pair of her little panties in her dirty laundry basket. Often I would find a pubic hair; it was a darkish colour and, since I was falling in love with her now that she was 18, I would put her pubic hair in my mouth while smelling her wonderful pussy stained panties. I was obsessed, and I knew it wasn’t good, but I couldn’t stop. I often wanted to just go to her room late at night and lay next to her, or tell her online that I loved her… but I was just too afraid she would tell her sister (my girlfriend) and everything would be ruined.
About a year later, me and my girlfriend broke up. I still think her sister Kelly is beautiful and would love to see her, but I highly don’t think it’s possible. I’m always tempted to somehow get with her, but I’ll never forget how amazing she smelled. I wish I knew a way to get her to understand my fetish and be able to at least lick her pussy once. I still have a large collection of her dirty panties and pantyhose at home and sniff and masturbate over them every single day.

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