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It’s not just my used panties that are for sale on my worn panty website, I also sell my tights, pantyhose, stockings, suspender belts, shoes, socks, pops socks, boots and heels etc. etc. etc.

If you are a dedicated foot lover or have a nylon fetish, then skip my used panty site and go to Abby’s Tootsies, where you’ll find lots and lots of pictures of my beautiful little size 5 feet and not only that, you can order anything from my nylons drawer and my shoe cupboard.


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1-PIC_0593Ever seen that most sexiest of sights? A rolled up pair of worn Nylons lying on the floor of the bathroom, just where she took them off? You open them up, only to find a sweet pair of dirty panties, hidden deep in side all that dirty sweaty rolled up nylon.

Well this is exactly what you get on this special offer. Worn all day to the office and then rolled down my sexy legs the following morning along with my dirty panties, my Nylon and Panty Parcel comes to you as fresh and dirty as when it left my body.

My Sweaty Nylons, My Dirty Used Panties along with 30 Photos or a little video of me rolling them off my ass, down my legs and into a parcel just for you.

Want my dirty used smelly worn panties and tights, then just click here and visit my special offer page on my website.


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So you would like a pair of my worn tights, pop socks, stockings or pantyhose?

I can offer you many different styles all filled with my sweaty musky scent. No perfumes, no body sprays, no scented lotions, just me.

I can wear my sticky nylons all day long to the office or longer if you like, just add the wearing time on my order page, along with any other extra dirty options you require.

So, if your ready to order yourself a pair of my sweaty smelly worn tights, pop socks, pantyhose, stockings or socks, just click on the picture below which will take you to my website. Then all you have to do is go to my order page and my sweet worn sweaty nylons will be yours. Oh and for all you real foot worshipers, try my other website ‘Abby’s Tootsie’s.

I will post UK orders for free and worldwide postal prices can be found on my order page. If you can’t find what your looking for on my website, email me and tell me what you are looking for, I’m sure I can find something similar somewhere in my knicker drawers.


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IMG_0174Well I’ve just been shopping which means as usual, I’ve bought lots of new underwear.

So, all my old panties are going up for sale on my website, worn for as long as you want me to.

I’m not trying to ‘sales talk’ you here, but when you buy from me, you can be sure that what you buy has been owned by me and worn by me many times previous to when you’ve bought them. In other words, I do not sell underwear that I have just bought from the high street, I sell underwear that I’ve worn and worn many times before. So, not only are you buying my yummy panties freshly worn again for you, you are buying the knowledge that the underwear has been close to my sweet little pussy many times before.

Just another reason why my website is different from many others and why you know you get only the best used panties from me.

Kisses, Abby x







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It’s not just my used panties that I sell. I also sell all my dirty smelly socks and nylons to my fans that worship my little feet.

If you’d like to experience my used items from another part of my body and would like the opportunity to worship my tootsies too, then click below.

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jog gymIsn’t it amazing what this unusually warm spring weather does to you lovely panty men? I think another hot and humid summer must be on it’s way because I have received a lot of orders recently for my dirty jogging and gym panties.

It’s a real turn on knowing that you want to taste all of my body and not just the usual part lol and guess what, I’d love to wear my panties for you during one of my regular workouts in addition to the full day and nights wear you’ll already receive when you buy my worn panties.

So, just click on the picture to the right which will take you to the ‘special offers’ page on my website, then just click on the ‘order’ button under ‘My Gym & Jogging Panties’. Then just let me know by email if you want to me wear them to the Gym or whilst Jogging.

The difference in my Gym Panties as opposed to Jogging Panties?

Not a lot really, they will both be full of sweat and pussy. I guess whilst jogging my panties get really hot and sweaty between my legs, as with in the gym, the sweat runs down my back and soaks the top of my panties more so. They are both usually drenched at the end of any two hour session, so rest assure you will enjoy either.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to receive a hint of my sweet sweat as well as my pussy scent and also the benefits of my panties rubbing nice and hard against my little pussy lips while I keep my body in shape.

Another Special Offer created especially for the conasuire of fine used panties.

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