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A small panty sniffing story by Jack…

My story is concerning an old flatmate of mine. She was (still is) a very sexual young woman who absolutely loved sex, being sexy and being slutty; it turned her on big time! I lost count of the number of times I was drifting off to sleep or even being awoken by her cumming hard, moaning or screaming whilst being fucked, licked out etc., I wouldn’t put anything past that slutty girl, with her favourite fuck-toy.

Anyhow, my story, of course, involves her underwear which was, generally well soiled :D. When I lived with her, sexy as she was, I thought that sniffing her dirty knickers was a bit naughty. I knew she had a penchant for very skimpy, sexy, slutty numbers, we ‘did’ share a washing machine after all… but left it at that. After I moved out of her flat and in with my girlfriend; well: game on!

I visited her regularly. she trusted me with a key in case of emergencies and one night I had arranged to pop over, drop off some stuff, then meet her after her gym class. Well. What was I going to do…? Her laundry basket was full of pungent delights! Sex-soaked, sweaty, crusty, the whole lot! I knew she was filthier than that though so I had a proper rake around. I found some ‘disgustingly’ kinky stuff, her thigh-high lace-up leather boots for example. I’d seen her wear them once I recalled; wow! I also found some sexy crotch less numbers too and the dirty bitch still managed to get them covered in cum!

I’d already decided to have a quick shower before meeting her but what I didn’t know is that I would be spending the proceeding 10 minutes abusing my lubed-up hard on in front of the full-length mirror in her hall, rubbing her leather slut-boots on my balls whilst imagining the sorts of things her monstrous cock-shaped vibrator complete with clit and anus ticklers, would have seen and experienced! My cock was hard, my balls were slick and my hot spunk went everywhere! I elected to cum all over her boots and actually finished myself off with the tongues and laces wrapped around my hugely engorged genitals whilst rubbing my smooth ball sack off the hard, high leather heel. That was incredible, much different to the feeling of my hand, a tight dripping pussy or a hot eager mouth. I came so much and so hard I’m sure the whole building may have heard! I’d have loved to have squirted my hot sticky liquid into the toes to see if she noticed, the thought of her toes squelching around in pools of my copious thick spunk is too hot, I might actually have to go and address these thoughts again right now, my cock is so hard again!

When I eventually regained enough composure to shower and meet her I must admit I did feel some guilt, I mean, I love this woman like a sister (heard that before… :p ) but I’m sure I got away with it. I’m pretty careful though and mopped up all the evidence. She’s still speaking to me anyway, maybe she knows and likes the thrill of knowing that her ex-flatmate and honorary brother is a filthy bastard!

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More panty sniffing capers from my friend Jack…

IMG00046-20120609-1848We were all at my girlfriend’s parent’s house at the weekend, on Saturday morning the sister-in-law appeared in the kitchen in her sports bra and jogging bottoms and announced she was going for a run. I instantly made it my mission to get hold of her underwear ASAP on her return, whatever the risks!
While she was out I did, of course sneak into her room and rifle through the various articles of clothing scattered all over the place. There were a couple of pairs of dirty knickers lying around, one pair I knew for a fact she had on the previous day so I investigated them first. They were dry but still a little pungent so I had a good sniff on them, they were very pleasant but nothing compared to how wonderful her post-jogging ones would be, having spent all that time being pressed against and rubbed across that sweaty little pussy of hers. My cock was starting to stir just thinking about it.
I didn’t know how long she’d be so I didn’t risk rummaging too deep, turns out she came back very shortly afterwards. She then changed into a pair of her trademark tight denim shorts (and wellies!) to take the dog for a walk. Popping back upstairs once she’d gone I saw she’d left her running trousers lying where she’d taken them off and there were no panties to be found. I figured she must still be wearing them. I simply had to get hold of these as soon as I could!
When she returned a trip to the shower was her first order of business. Mine was obvious and I was rewarded with a lovely damp gusset, stained with pungent vaginal discharge and soaked in sweat, god that got me hard, especially when I gave the sodden gusset a good lick! I knew I’d have plenty of time – she takes ages in the shower, I’d like to think most of her time occupied with a couple fingers slipped between her slick pussy lips probing deep within her horny cunt – but didn’t risk it. I had a good deep sniff, rubbing her scent all over my nose, tasting it and finally ensuring that my fingers were covered in her sweaty pussy flavoured scent.
I tell you I did enjoy chatting to her later on whilst sniffing her most secret excretions off my hand…!
The picture I’ve attached is from this pair of pants – hope you like it!
Jack X

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it’s nice to know what my readers have been up to with their panty sniffing antics. Jack has contact me again with an update on the subject of his obsession with his girlfriends younger sister, or more so her dirty panties. The story below is a continuation of a previous encounter Jack submitted to me which can be viewed here. The original story is great and this update also makes very interesting reading and is accompanied by a picture he took at the time. If you have any real life panty fetish stories you’d like to share with me and the rest of the panty community, then please drop me a line!

This follows on from my previous account of how my ‘sister-in law’ has so recently blossomed from a nervous little schoolgirl into a highly eligible and sexy young woman.

It turns out the first thing the horny little slut spent her time at uni doing was disposing of her virginity in as many places as possible. I must say I am very jealous of the guy(s) who were elected to fuck that tight little pussy and have their lucky cocks sucked dry by her sexy soft lips. She obviously loves being fucked – this much is evident by the juices I constantly find coating the gussets of her little panties.
This past weekend, armed with the knowledge that she’s no longer as innocent as everyone she thinks she is (having confided the above to me the previous night) I resolved to keep up my efforts with redoubled fervour. As usual while she was in the shower – my girlfriend having gone out to work – I investigated the underwear as sported by the sister the previous day. While not as pungently drenched as on previous occasions, one lick of the crotch unleashed a whole new world of the sexy odours of an empowered young woman. My cock instantly became as hard as it’s ever been and, knowing I didn’t have long, teased it to it’s utmost petrification and scurried back through the house. I did of course have a good long suck on her juices and covered my nose, lips and fingers with them for future reference.
I was still powerfully stroking my monstrously hard cock – fantasising about what I’d like to be doing to her with it – when she knocked on the door to tell me the shower was free. I kept my composure to respond, then erupted with a huge stream of cum; hot, sticky and incredibly volumous, wishing I was deep inside that most forbidden of fruits, feeling the soft but tight
grip of that recently de-flowered beauty.
I can’t wait for her to visit again! She has no idea about what I do, much less that I’m telling anyone about it!


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used_pantiesDear Abby, please can you help me. I sniff my girlfriends dirty knickers on an almost daily basis, she’s not only fine with it but she gets enormously turned on by it. I especially like to sniff them when she has worn them at work all day and they are still damp. I love to just lay back and let her do her thing which is her holding her worn panties to my nose with the moist gusset pressed against my nostrils whilst rubbing another pair of her panties over my … and balls. The smell of her pussy and the feeling of her silky or lacy undies on me makes me so damn horny. She usually finishes me off by commanding me to sniff and ordering me to spunk in her knickers. At this point my … will erupt and she wraps the knickers around my helmet and catches my hot sticky mess. She makes me eat her pussy after it but that is just fine by me. My problem is that since visiting your website I have not been able to stop thinking about sniffing your knickers and I really want to buy a pair from you. However, I do not want to upset my girlfriend and feel that if I were to sniff another girls panties, then this would amount to betrayal? What do you think Abby? If I were to sniff your panties and enjoy doing so, do you think this is wrong?

The stimulating effect of body scents plays an extremely big and neglected role. That’s especially the case when it comes to the female intimate scent. This female scent causes enormous sexual attraction and desire to every man, so wanting to sniff your girlfriends panties and my panties is a very normal situation. Whether or not you are betraying your girlfriend by wanting to sniff my panties is another subject and something that I wouldn’t like to answer. Have you ever mentioned to your girlfriend that you’d like to sniff another girls knickers? You never know but she may be fine about it and then you’d be able to buy mine without feeling bad. I have another customer that often buys my dirty knickers for his wife to wear whilst they are making love and both of them get really turned on by this. Perhaps you should speak to her and then decide from there. Abby x

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Panty sniffing can of course be a risky activity. There is always the fear of being caught, of being exposed for indulging in this fetish. What follows is a true story of what happened to me when I gave in to temptation and stole a pair of panties. Going back a few years, when I was in my early twenties, I was going out with a girl who was very much into fitness. She would go to the gym regularly, jog most mornings, do aerobics and dancing. Sadly I didn’t share her enthusiasm for fitness, and sometimes we would fall out because of this. It felt as though she’d rather go to the gym with her friend Tracey than spend any time with me. I started to see a lot of Tracey. She was always around at the flat, either coming back from the gym with my girlfriend, or on their way out together to exercise. I suppose I was always attracted to Tracey. She had a very good figure, very curvy. But my attraction seemed to grow whenever I saw her standing around in her gym gear, with her tight shorts that showed her panty line. I found myself having to drag my eyes away, always scared that my girlfriend would notice where my attention was suddenly focused. I started to fantasise about Tracey, about her being all sweaty after a long workout, in those cute little shorts, peeling them off to reveal her sweaty panties underneath. I thought to myself perhaps she might give me a pair if I asked her, but I soon dismissed the idea as ludicrous as I knew there was a possibility that she would tell my girlfriend. There was no way to explain the fascination to her anyway, to explain why I wanted her sweaty panties. So I simply forgot about the idea, as I couldn’t see any way that I could get a pair of her panties without her knowing that I’d taken them. They would often come back to the flat after a workout, changed by this time into their normal clothes. My girlfriend would immediately get her dirty gym clothes and put them in the washing bin, whilst Tracey would put her gym clothes in her bag. It was agony, knowing that what I desired was so close, tucked away in her bag, and yet I couldn’t do anything about it. Then one day things changed. My girlfriend and Tracey had come back from their workout as usual. I came downstairs, and I could hear them both talking in the kitchen. I went into the front room, and there was Tracey’s bag on the floor by the sofa. bagMy heart started to race. I crept back to the door to check that they were still talking, and then I walked over to the bag. I was very scared, but at the same time I knew that if I wanted them then I had to act quickly. My hands were shaking as I unzipped her bag as quietly as I could. Her towel was on the top, and when I moved that aside there was a bundle of clothes underneath. They felt damp with perspiration. I got hold of her shorts, and there, tucked inside, I found her white panties. My heart was beating so fast by this point, I expected at any moment for my girlfriend and Tracey to come bursting in through the door. I grabbed the panties, stuck them in my pocket, and then put her shorts back where I’d found them, with her towel on top, and zipped up her bag. I stood for a minute, trying to reassure myself that the bag looked just as it had before I’d opened it, and that Tracey wouldn’t notice any difference. Then I ran upstairs, still very nervous. When I got to the bedroom I pulled out the panties and sank to my knees. I held the panties against my face. They were still damp from her workout. I breathed in deeply, and I was immediately throbbing. I examined the panties in more detail,Capture smelling both her scent in the gusset, and also her sweat, especially where the panties had been nestled between her round cheeks. I wanted to play with myself, but I knew that I didn’t have much time, that I had to put the panties back in her bag before she left. But it was too late. I could hear them both talking in the hall, and arranging to meet the next day. I went back to the bedroom and pulled down my trousers. The need for relief was overwhelming now, holding her damp panties in my hand. I started to play with myself, with the panties against my face. I breathed in the strong scent, and then, when I could hold back no longer, I relieved myself in her panties. I lay back on the floor, panting and out of breath, when the door slammed and my girlfriend shouted up to me, asking me what I was doing. I quickly pulled my trousers up, and shoved the panties out of sight. It was only afterwards that I started to worry about stealing the panties, and wondering how I was going to put them back. There was no way to put them back of course, I realised that, and certainly not after I’d made such a mess in them. So for the next few days I avoided Tracey as best I could. I asked my girlfriend what time she was calling round, and made sure I wasn’t around. Things seemed to be going to plan, but a few days later she called round early, and I didn’t know what to do. When she talked to me I avoided looking at her, desperately trying to hide my embarrassment. I was convinced that she knew. There was no proof that I’d taken them, but the way I was acting, how nervous I was, had to have made her suspicious. My girlfriend left us alone for a moment, and I decided to pretend to look for something, anything so I wouldn’t have to talk to her. ‘Have you lost something?’ she asked. ‘Yes and I can’t find it anywhere’ I said. Then suddenly she laughed. I turned round to look at her. She was bending over in her gym clothes, rummaging in her bag. I stood and watched her for a moment. I couldn’t help looking at her, bending over in front of me, and then she noticed me looking at her. ‘It’s funny’ she said ‘how easy it is to misplace things. I do it all the time’. I looked away, my face burning, just as my girlfriend appeared. ‘Right we’re off, we won’t be long. Have fun’ she said, kissing me on the cheek. ‘Oh he’ll have fun all right’ said Tracey, looking back at me. I felt my face redden even more, and quickly had to turn away. When they’d gone I got out the panties again. I looked at them, and I felt silly that a pair of panties could end up finishing our relationship. I put them to my face again, breathing in the strong scent, and suddenly all I could think about was Tracey, and her standing there, all sweaty and sexy, and I felt so lucky to have those panties. I was enthralled with them.

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Here’s a great panty sniffing story from Jack, one of my regular readers of this blog. if you have a story you’d like posted on my blog please email me through my contact page. Thank you very much for your contribution Jack.


I’d always been thankful that my cousin (three months my junior) wasn’t some stunning gorgeous beauty. It would have been awkward trying not to fancy a hot family member – I’m sure many teenage discussions revolved around the pros and cons of such an occurrence.

Fast forward a few years and I meet my girlfriend. Who has a younger sister. As she was only fifteen at the time I thought nothing of it aside from her being nice enough. However when she went to University she really blossomed.

Bras_And_PantyMy current ultimate fantasy is burying my hungry cock deep inside her hot wet pussy and feel her cuming hard, quivering and moaning in ecstasy whilst clamping tight around my lustful thrusts. But I fear I’ll have to satisfy myself with my clandestine investigations of her laundry basket; as I found out, her style of underwear isn’t exactly risqué but contains other excitements.

What caused this change? My girlfriend and I went to stay with her for a gig one weekend and after my girlfriend had passed out I sat up chatting to the sister. It was great to sit with her and chat to her but as we were talking I began to notice a subtle odour. Granted we were all hot and sweaty from earlier (small room, bright lights, more than a little alcohol) but this was different, it was the smell of a hot young woman’s arousal. Eventually I went to the toilet and found, hanging on the back of the door, a laundry basket. I immediately raked through it and found some of her simple cotton pants impregnated with the same delicious fragrance and took a large sniff of them. Wow!

The next morning I was rewarded with a fresher pair, the ones she’d been wearing the previous day and I even managed to snatch a whiff of the little grey shorts she’d been sleeping in which had an even stronger smell and were still warm and slightly moist. They were incredible and I couldn’t stop thinking about them and the gorgeous hot pussy they’d been recently in such intimate contact with. I had some wonderful masturbation sessions after that I tell you!

These illicit moments have punctuated the past year or so; sneaking a quick, glorious sniff of any discarded underwear but recently I caught an absolute cracker, again whilst staying with her for a weekend. When she was in the shower and I was back in her room waiting for my turn I saw them: her recently changed-out-of knickers tangled amongst some tights discarded on top of her chest of drawers! They were incredibly damp still very warm, the wee minx mist have been incredibly aroused by something, it was almost as if she’d cum in them whist walking around! She can’t have had them on for more than a couple of hours, she’d got up, come to meet me and we’d gone back to hers after a quick lunch. Guessing I had time I had a good sniff and taste of them – what an experience! When safely ensconced behind a locked door accompanied by my thoughts and her wonderful musky smell – I’d made sure I’d rubbed a good amount of her fluids onto my fingers. I shaved myself using the razor which I liked to think was recently responsible for rendering her tight little pussy smooth and utterly hairless. Fuelled by these thoughts I gently but powerfully stroked myself to an incredible climax, I was amazed by the quantity of hot sticky semen I managed to squirt out of myself at the thought of that young beauty’s slick pungent pussy fluids. I wished that instead of the plughole it had been flowing into her mouth, down her throat, onto her face; tits; anywhere!

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get hold of the underwear she changed into for going out that night, or the sexy little shorts she slept in but I need to save something for next time don’t I?!

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