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1Pinch Punch, the first day of the month!

…and following on from my Sophia panty post of last month, Sophia doesn’t just send her dirty panties out to all you panty fans, she also sends out her worn nylons as well.

It’s been in the seventies this week in England, so can you imagine just how hot a sweaty her underwear has been, stuck to that amazing bottom and her long sexy legs and that’s not even mentioning how sweaty the soles of her nylons must get inside her little shoes and we all know how much you foot lovers LOVE sweaty smelly nylon soles… don’t we?

Take a look at the pics above and below and tell me you wouldn’t love to have those black nylon tights held to your noes or wrapped around your c..k

You would, wouldn’t you!


Well, what are you waiting for boys, order yourself a pair of hot sweaty nylon tights or pantyhose, direct from Sophia sweet young body.


Don’t miss out on probably the best used nylons on the internet… click on the link below!


Order and buy Sophia’s sweet sweaty sticky nylons right here!

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www.abbyswornpanties (71)

 Mistress Abby (282)

Want my sweaty nylons, worn all day to the office? Of course you do! I can wear my tights, pantyhose, hold ups, stockings or pop sock for you for as long as you want me to. Click on a picture below to be taken to my website.


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Hot Panties Hd Widescreen Wallpapers 1920X1200

There’s no denying it… summer is here and I’ve stocked up on some cooler type panties. The right summer underwear can go a long way in keeping us girls from feeling sweaty and uncomfortable under that brutal mid day sun. I know you guys love hot sticky panties, but trust me, it’s no fun wearing them all day when you’re sitting in the office, or out and about shopping and as for dancing away the night, I can almost feel the my knickers dripping with sweat underneath my skirt.

There are few things quite as icky on a hot day than the feeling of your clothes and underwear sticking to your body and having to peel the damp material from your body when you get home. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right underwear as the weather heats up. For example, cotton panties are an excellent choice in summer skivvies. Naturally breathable, cotton wicks moisture away from your body… meaning that your cool panties will stay dry, no matter how steamy the temperature gets.

The style of underwear I wear also changes now that summer is upon us, that’s if I’m not ‘having’ to wear a sticky pair of panties for a customer that is. For example, those thicker briefs may have stayed perfectly hidden underneath winter’s heavy pants and bulky coats, but now that the days are long and bright, chances are good that you’ll be shedding some of those layers. Women’s cool underwear for summer should be thinner; made to wear well underneath the season’s cutest shorts, khakis, and flowing skirts. Cool underwear for underneath sundresses and flirty skirts include soft thongs and bikini briefs in fun prints and bright colour combinations.

The ‘bottom’ line is though boys, as you know I can’t always wear the panties of my choice because of my used panty business, in fact I wouldn’t be wearing any panties at all in this weather if I had my way! So, I have to wear underwear and you may as well take advantage of the fact that I have to wear what I’m told to wear by you. So, If you order any of my panties now to be worn during this hot spell, you are guaranteed for them to be full of my hot sweat as well as pussy scent, so there’s a two for one bargain to be had here!

Order my hot sticky sweaty worn panties now by following this link.

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You sit in your airline seat carefully watching her every move. She walks the aisle in those glistening heels, her longs legs clad in nylon, you’re mesmerised by her elegance and as she passes, her scent anesthetizes you.

Capture1Since the invention of the jet engine and the first commercial package tours, the Air Stewardess has been right at the very top of every man’s fantasy ‘wish list’. What would you give to have more of her? to be closer to her? to taste her? Well boys, now you can!

Lola is a beautiful Air Stewardess and works for one of the most prestigious airlines in the world, taking her all over the world. She really is the woman who is at the top of any man’s fantasy wish list and I’m very lucky to have her join me on my website.

So, now you really do have the chance to get your hands of an Air Stewardess’s worn panties and nylons and not only that, Lola is willing to take photos of herself wearing the panties you have ordered in her uniform to prove it (Airline identity will not be shown).

But there is more!

Lola is not just offering you her panties, tights or pantyhose, but offering those that she’s worn during her busy work schedule.

So, you can order her underwear which is guaranteed to have been worn whilst at work, for short haul, medium or long haul flights.

Can you imagine how hot and sticky those panties and nylons get under that tight blue uniform by the end of an international long haul flight? I don’t have to tell you do I boys, do I?

I personally do not know of any other website where you can get your hands on an Air Stewardess’s dirty underwear. In fact, I do not know anywhere in the world where you can, unless your wife of girlfriend is one.

So, don’t hang about boys, click below and within no time, Lola’s dirty worn panties will be flying your way.

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IMG_0174Well I’ve just been shopping which means as usual, I’ve bought lots of new underwear.

So, all my old panties are going up for sale on my website, worn for as long as you want me to.

I’m not trying to ‘sales talk’ you here, but when you buy from me, you can be sure that what you buy has been owned by me and worn by me many times previous to when you’ve bought them. In other words, I do not sell underwear that I have just bought from the high street, I sell underwear that I’ve worn and worn many times before. So, not only are you buying my yummy panties freshly worn again for you, you are buying the knowledge that the underwear has been close to my sweet little pussy many times before.

Just another reason why my website is different from many others and why you know you get only the best used panties from me.

Kisses, Abby x







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A few clips from a recent video I sent to a client who just loves to sniff my sweaty nylons. He wanted these worn all week to the office and then sent to him with a pair of my red panties a video of me removing them at the end of the week. As usual he got exactly what he wanted.

If you would like my dirty sweaty nylons or panties then visit my website



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