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Would you like to get your hands on a pair of really sweaty knickers worn by a beautiful young teacher?

Millie will wear spend the day at school wearing the knickers of your choice, then as usual on her way home she will visit her local gym and work out for an hour or so. Once home she’ll remove her knickers and instantly vacuum seal them for you and send them fist class post for you to receive the following day, still wet ready for you to taste and enjoy.

Her sweaty gym knickers are amazing, trust me!


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1Pinch Punch, the first day of the month!

…and following on from my Sophia panty post of last month, Sophia doesn’t just send her dirty panties out to all you panty fans, she also sends out her worn nylons as well.

It’s been in the seventies this week in England, so can you imagine just how hot a sweaty her underwear has been, stuck to that amazing bottom and her long sexy legs and that’s not even mentioning how sweaty the soles of her nylons must get inside her little shoes and we all know how much you foot lovers LOVE sweaty smelly nylon soles… don’t we?

Take a look at the pics above and below and tell me you wouldn’t love to have those black nylon tights held to your noes or wrapped around your c..k

You would, wouldn’t you!


Well, what are you waiting for boys, order yourself a pair of hot sweaty nylon tights or pantyhose, direct from Sophia sweet young body.


Don’t miss out on probably the best used nylons on the internet… click on the link below!


Order and buy Sophia’s sweet sweaty sticky nylons right here!

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Probably the only downfall of being a female is having to wear a bra during hot summer days, especially when you have to spend most of your those days sitting in an office, wearing a skirt, blouse, nylons blah blah blah.

So, at the end of each day, it’s not just a pair of warm sweaty panties and nylons I have for sale, don’t forget the bra!

If you’d like anything or everything I wear each day, then just go to my website and send in an order, what ever you want will be vacuum sealed the second I take it off and then sent to you the following day.

My HOT Sweaty Bras, Panties and Nylons, only at www.AbbysWornPanties.comSET 16 Fishnet Fantasy

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My worn jodhpurs, black panties and bra. Please note, that these garments are in ‘used condition’. They have been worn all weekend whilst our riding and hacking in 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. My Jodhpurs are stained and sweaty. My panties are still damp from my sweat, especially around the crotch area. My bra is extremely sweaty, especially under my armpits.

If you’d like my sweaty smelly panties and bra and jodhpurs, then just email me and we can discuss a fair price. I may even give you the panties I am wearing now as well.

Abby x



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My my… what is it with you guys and women riding horses?!?

I’ve ridden horses since I was a teenager and yes I do get quite a bit of attention sometimes from passing motorist (the male kind) but I never really thought about just how popular my riding panties could be, until a few years back that is.

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Since I got my own horse, I started riding each evening and every weekend, so you can imagine that that’s a hell of a lot of panties that were just going straight to the washing bin after each ride, as they were way to sweaty to sell as a normal used panty order. So, I just come up with the idea of selling these separately to my normal panty selling and boy o boy have they sold, they sell like hot cakes and I mean really hot cakes!

I now sell more of my panties that I have worn whilst riding my horse than I do wearing them to the office. It’s not just my panties either, it’s the sale of my worn jodhpurs that has also taken me by surprise. I mean, what do you guys want with my dirty jodhpurs lol?

For instance, twice last week I’ve sold my panties, my bra, my jodhpurs and T shirt that I’ve worn for a few hours whilst out in the evening. Ok, I can understand the panties, because they do get ‘closer to me’ when I’m on a saddle than any other time I’m wearing a thong, so yeah I can see that. Oh and when I say close I mean close, lol, sometimes my thong seems stuck between my cheeks and it’s often very damp and sweaty so that’s what I mean when I say close… sticky, sweaty up your bum close lol. I guess I can get on the bra as well. I know many of you like my bras as I do have big boobs and that seems to get me the extra bra sales, but I just cannot see why or what all you guys want with my dirty jodhpurs.

Anyone care to explain? There may be a FREE pair of my riding panties in it for you, for the most interesting and explanatory comment.

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www.abbyswornpanties (71)

 Mistress Abby (282)

Want my sweaty nylons, worn all day to the office? Of course you do! I can wear my tights, pantyhose, hold ups, stockings or pop sock for you for as long as you want me to. Click on a picture below to be taken to my website.


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