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Another sweet Panties on the Loo picture. Much the same as the last, a pretty young girl caught unawares with her little pink panties around her knees. If you like to submit and similar picture of your wife or girlfriend then email them straight to me. If course you can crop the photo as much as you like to protect her identity.


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I received an email recently asking if I had any really old knickers. I knew I had some really old ones at the bottom of my panty drawer somewhere and eventually got around to digging them out.

I must say, some of them really bought back memories of my teenage years and I can honestly say I can remember wearing a few of the pairs over 20 years ago.

Of course they are all so very well worn, with holes and everything, but I guess if you was looking for some ladies knickers that have been worn and worn and worn and worn again and again and again, then these are the used panties for you.

Once I found my old panties pictured below, it got me thinking about a huge bag of old underwear I had a long time ago, before I started selling my used knickers.

Where the hell did I put that bag?

It was at a time when fullback panties were sort of going out of fashion and all my girlfriends were starting to wear thongs and strings. Seeing that I was dating at the time, I could no longer be seen dead in these ‘old fashioned’ type knickers, so I went out and bought a whole load of new knickers, bras etc. and bagged all the old ones up. Where are they now?

I know they are in my flat somewhere and if I could find them I’m sure I could sell them all off, seeing that they have all been so well worn.

If I find them I’ll be sure to blog them here.


Abby x

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