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Here’s a picture of what I have just taken off after getting home from the office and I’m sorry to say that both items have gone straight in the laundry basket. Is that right?

Firstly.. wouldn’t you rather have them both, so you can sniff them and lick them clean? Secondly.. have I really got to wash them? I prefer to sell my dirty underwear then wash them!!

So if you want to enjoy my panties and nylons after a long day at the office then visit my website where you’ll be able to see a large selection of the different underwear I wear to work, chose what you like, how long I should wear them… and they can be yours in no time..

Abby xDSC00015

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Millie has just added lots of yummy panties to her pages for you to chose from. Once decided, chose how long she is to wear them for, if you’d to add any ‘naughty extras’ to your order and also whether you’d like her to pose in them for either photo or video. Millie also has a special offer where she guarantees that she’ll wear the panties you chose to class whilst she teaches and will take photos or video in her school work clothes.

For more info on how you can enjoy Millie’s dirty worn used underwear, panties, bra or nylons, just click hear.

1-New Panties 22.10

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6-IMG_5705Hi, my name is Millie,

I’m a fully trained Teacher currently teaching at senior level. When I’m teaching at school I have to dress and act very prim and proper so wearing sexy underwear under my tight pencil skirt, I guess is just my way of brightening up my days and being more me.

I love attention, especially male attention, which I get plenty of whist teaching at school as I’m sure you can imagine. I also love the thought of men enjoying my dirty underwear whilst thinking of me, that really turns me on so that’s why I’ve decided to start selling my used panties on Abby’s website.

I also have a special offer, where I will ensure I wear my panties for you for as long as you want me to whilst teaching and then send them to you along with some photos and video and a letter from me. Contact Abby for more info.

I know you will love my worn knickers, so when not give me and my used panties a try and let me teach you a lesson in how to enjoy a woman’s underwear?


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1-012My friend Millie has just joined me in selling out dirty underwear on my website.

Millie’s a 29 year old teacher, teaching Biology and Mathematics to six form Boys, at Grammar school in the UK. have you ever fantasised about getting your hand on Teachers Panties? Well now you can.

Visit this blog again, for some more future posts on the gorgeous Millie and her used panties for sale, soon!


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see thoughLike most other little girls in the world, I always remember my mum always telling me about keeping my dress pulled down so the boys wouldn’t see my underwear. As time went on and I became a teenager she’d often say to me “You need a petticoat under that skirt, you’re showing your knicker line”. During the summer months she’s say “If I can see your knickers through that dress, then so can everyone else”.  She’s be forever reminding me to sit like a lady, keep my legs together and be careful about bending over when I was wearing a skirt, or a dress. “Men will always try to see your Knickers’ Abby, don’t let them”.

see though1She never bothered to explain to me why those naughty boys or dirty old men would want to see my panties, but based on the amount of times she would say these things to me I expected something bad would happen to me if a boy or a man ever caught a glimpse of panties or stocking tops. It wasn’t just my panties or nylons either, she was a nightmare, if i used to wear a blouse that showed my bra underneath and perhaps that was made worse by the fact that I have such large breasts, as even as a young girl they use to always grab the attention of any passing male.

see though2The more she reminded me, the more curious I became about boys and men and why my panties would be so interesting to them. Nothing bad ever happen to me though and I soon became aware of this and I started to love the fact that guys were looking and in general just how fascinated men were with my underwear. I also came to realise how I could ‘use’ my new found assets to get what I wanted from them, rather than hide them away. 

see though3Over time, I discovered several things about boys, men and panties that still ring true, even today, all those years later and now I’ve became masterful in the art of showing my panties at the right place and the right time, crafting it into an art that has benefitted me time after time and brought me pleasures I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

see though4I agree, this makes me a little bit of an exhibitionist sometimes but I’m very careful to whom I show my panties to and when.

However, I still don’t know exactly what the big deal is? I mean guys don’t freak out when they see a girl on a beach with a bikini on, so why is such a big thing when they can see your panties through your dress or clothing?

see though5Perhaps you can answer these questions for me after looking at the pictures below. Are they sexy? Why are they sexy? If the same girl was walking along with just a bikini on, would they hold the same sex appeal? Explain to me what the big ting about seeing what perhaps you shouldn’t be seeing?                                    

see though6

see though7

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