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It’s every girls nightmare as you’re walking along a busy street and then a gust of wind takes your skirt up around your waist and the whole world gets a good look at the panties you are wearing. Take a look at the pictures below so see this collection of windy up skirts. If you really like panty pictures click on the bottom photo to see more.



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On a bright summer’s day us girls love to wear a cool free flowing dress or skirt. Something that lets any breeze up beneath and cools us down as there’s nothing worse than hot wet sticky panties or knickers.

The problem is, these types of dress’s and skirts act as wind traps, if the summer breeze catches you out and turns from a breeze into a wind or even worse a gale!

336_1000Like take yesterday for instance. It was that as soon as I had parked the car and got out, that the“gentle breeze” turned into a full on gale. No sooner had I left the car park and was walking up to my office where I work, than a huge gust of wind came along and blew my skirt right up over my head. And I DO mean RIGHT UP OVER MY HEAD. For a few horrible seconds I was naked but for my underwear from the waist down, and blinded by my dress

“This totally isn’t what happened to Marilyn Monroe that time,” I thought, annoyed, as I fought my way out from inside my skirt. “Why, she just put her hands down, gave a big smile, and looked positively charming. “I am left half naked in the street with every single man around getting the chance to have a good look at what I’m wearing under my dress”

It took me a freakishly long time to free myself from my fabric prison. Once I released myself, I smoothed down my hair and glanced feverishly around the area to see if just how many had witnessed my disgrace. No one was actively pointing and laughing, so I chose to let myself believe that I had managed to get away with it.

So, you’re thinking my humiliation was complete at this point, aren’t you?

Readers, my humiliation was far from complete.

Because when I turned round to whisk that dress down from my shoulders, I realised I was standing with MY BACK AGAINST A WINDOW. The window of a garage reception, to be exact. The reception that was full of mechanics and and God only knows who else.

And then and only then was my humiliation was complete lol

I’m not sure if how many men saw my knickers framed in that window, but I didn’t  hear gales of laughter sweep through the room, perhaps I got off lightly.

The motto of the story? Girls, check the weather forecast before you venture out in a loose fitting summer dress.

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For the past few weekends, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in traditional British activities and events. While standing about five metres from the Queen of England was pretty amazing, what was even more captivating was the age-old British style that—literally—reigned. I attended two events: The Royal Ascot, and Henley Royal Regatta. Each followed their own “fashion vibe,” however they both made true the phrase “old is new again” as vintage dresses and hats dotted the landscape.


If you’ve never been horse racing in the Great Britain then it’s a must, especially Royal Ascot on Ladies Day. This epic horse racing takes place at tracks just outside of London, and a strict dress code is in full effect.

It was a warm but very windy day when i was there and this was causing havoc with the ladies dresses and hats, but it didn’t stop people from wearing their tailored and feathered finest. Take a look at the poor girl below, there must of been a few hundred people that got a good look at her tiny white thong as the wind took her dress way above her head. Hats off to her though, she didn’t seem to mind too much, she just returned to her friends and carried on drinking champers as if nothing had happed. That’s the British stiff upper lip for you!




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wind_vs_miniskirt_133_Wind_versus_Miniskirts-s400x456-23271-580Spring is officially here, and we are already experiencing some windy days, which is normal for this time of the year.  The South of England is usually affected by plenty of windy days. 

Wind is something we all should pay attention to.  For those who work outdoors, it can create risky situations.  Persons who work on scaffolds, or any platform where they are above the ground should take all precautions by wearing the proper PPE, such as goggles to protect their eyes, harnesses, and other means of stabilization.  Another example of windy conditions affecting the workplace are airlines, which often must delay or cancel flights because of high winds.

wind_vs_miniskirt3_Wind_versus_Miniskirts-s400x533-23272-580Windy conditions can adversely affect all vehicles – cars, trucks, R.V.’s, and motorcycles. The best course of action while driving in windy conditions is to slow down.  A strong wind gust can blow a driver or rider off course.  Motorcycle riders need to remember that no matter how strong they think they are, the wind is stronger.  The best thing for all drivers or riders who are fighting high winds is to find a safe place to stop until things calm down.

And of course there is us poor ladies, that have an absolute nightmare trying to get to work on a windy day without all and everyone getting a flash of your panties. I work in the City of London, with many narrow streets that create wind tunnels on a blowy day. The amount of times I’ve been innocently walking along, only to find my skirt up around my waste, exposing my panties and stocking tops to all the men behind and in front of me. CRINGE!!

The best advice is to pay attention to the weather forecast for your area every day.  Then you can assess conditions for your workday, or for other activities you have planned.  Nice, soft breezes keep us at ease; it’s just that some days the winds may get a little out of hand.  That’s when we get in situations that we must remain calm and use our skills to stay safe and remember to wear that trouser suite!


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